Personalized Anti-slip Rubber Dart Board Floor Carpet Mat With Throw Line And Printed Logo

1. Heavy-duty, protect the floor

2. With printed throw oche line

3. Lightweight, easy carry

4. High-quality, durable and stylish color


Personalized Anti-slip Rubber Dart Board Floor Carpet Mat With Throw Line And Printed Logo


The dart mat is essential for dart players who often play games or train. With a dart mat under the dartboard, you can prevent the breaking of the darts or the tips when they fall to the floor after a bouncer. Besides that, many dart mats come with an oche or throw line, so you’re always at the right distance from the board.

LettoSigns offers different types and sizes of dart mats. The dart mats all come with a throw line or an oche, so you’re always at the right distance from the board. The rubber dart mats are 3mm thin rib runners and are available in different sizes. The advantage of these rubber dart mats is that they attach well to the floor, they don’t fold over, and are easy to clean. The carpet dart mats, on the other hand, tend to look nicer and are easier to move.

The dart mats are made to protect the floor and the dart, though it can still happen that a sharp dart punctures through the mat when it falls straight down.


  • This darts mat protects your floor from darts falling and also protects your darts points, helping to reduce breakages.
  • Full-length oche system – this world champion floor-protect darts mat is a full-length oche system with multiple throw lines cover every different darts format from around the world printed alongside your custom logo.
  • Quality material – the lightweight material made from a lightweight and odorless fabric making it easy to roll up and store when not in use.
  • Pro use or gift idea – this product is perfect for professional use or as a great gift idea for a big darts fan
  • The essential darts accessory to go with your dartboard set up and make you ready to throw
  • Popular size: 60x300cm, 80x280cm, 100x300cm or customized.


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