Koozie & Stubby Holder

A Koozie and a Stubby Holder are essentially the same thing but are known by different names in various regions. Both terms refer to an insulating sleeve or pouch designed to keep beverages, typically cans or bottles, cold for a longer period.

These holders are usually made of materials like foam or neoprene, which provide insulation by preventing heat transfer between the beverage and the surrounding environment. The primary purpose of a Koozie or Stubby Holder is to maintain the temperature of the drink, whether it’s keeping it cold or preventing it from getting too warm.

The terms “Koozie” and “Stubby Holder” are often used interchangeably, with “Koozie” being more commonly used in the United States and “Stubby Holder” being used in Australia. Despite the regional variations in terminology, the function of these holders remains the same. They are popular accessories at outdoor events, parties, and barbecues where people want to keep their drinks cool.

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