Christmas Gifts Dart Accessories Rubber Dart Board Floor Mat With Throw Line For Dart Practice

1. Protect your darts

2. It protects your floor from darts

3. It protects your floor from you

4. They are portable and universal


Dart Accessories Rubber Dart Board Floor Mat With Throw Line For Dart Practice

It Protects Your Darts

When darts bounce out or fall to the ground, there is a high chance of damage to the tips when it comes in contact with the floor. There is nothing more updating than breaking your dart tips. But there is a solution to all of this- dart mats!

When the darts bounce out, instead of hitting the hard floor, it hits the soft and durable mat. In a way, investing in a good dart mat saves money that you would have used in buying new darts or repairing your old ones.

  • The quality: high-quality materials guarantee long-lasting outstanding quality of the dart mat even under high stress. The dart mat measures an extra thickness of 5 mm. The yarn is made of high-quality polyamide, the back is made of non-slip rubberized material. 
  • The design: Custom-designed dart mats set new optical standards, modern designs in different shapes and colors, which delight dart fans and give the dart game a professional atmosphere.
  • Dimensions: Exact official tournament dimensions from the throw line to the board 237 cm + 244 cm. The total length of the dartmats is 2.80 m and is chosen so that you can stand comfortably on the mat with both feet. The special width of the mat is 80 cm and is therefore significantly wider and more comfortable than comparable dart mats.
  • Environmental protection: environmental protection and sustainability were also the focus of the development of the new mats. Our custom dart mats all have the Oeko-Tex seal, which distinguishes special products.
  • Bottom line: our custom dart mats offer very good protection for falling darts and the floor. They are also a real visual highlight in every hallway, living room, club home. Great value for money and different designs & sizes, ideal for us dart fans.


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