Customized Printed Logo Coffee Whiskey Drinks Use Bartender TPR Beer Mat Counter Table Rubber Bar Runner Mat

  • Black, non-slip rubber backing
  • Fabric face printed with your design
  • Choice of three sizes (S, M, and L)


Customized Printed Logo Coffee Whiskey Drinks Use Bartender TPR Beer Mat Counter Table Rubber Bar Runner Mat


Custom Bar mats allow you to design your own personalised printed bar mat with your own pics and text — all customisable and editable. Whether it be for a Footy club, cricket club, tennis club, bowls club, 21st,  Birthday, Engagement party  or bucks or hens party. Custom Bar mats allows you to order just 1 or as many as you need. Also ideal for pubs, clubs or for the man cave or bar at home. Bar mats are of the highest industry standard and can be washed for future use without fraying or curling.

A customised personalised Bar mat is an everlasting gift and will be treasured for years to come.


• 440mm x 250mm, other sizes also avilable 240x880mm, 220mmx500mm, 220mmx580mm, 250mmx850mm,  600x900mm etc
• Non slip rubber polyester surface
• Digital colour printing
• Machine washable


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