Custom Dye Sublimation Wine Bar Runners Bottle Cocktail Gin Beer Mats Commercial Bar Counter Rubber Shaker Mat

  1. Your custom branding
  2. Polyester pile top
  3. Nitrile rubber base, providing extra grip and absorbency


Custom Dye Sublimation Wine Bar Runners Bottle Cocktail Gin Beer Mats Commercial Bar Counter Rubber Shaker Mat


The Custom Bar Runner prevents drips and ring marks from ruining the look of your bar. With ultra absorbent polyester pile and a rubber underlay, this bar drip mat provides the ultimate protection.

Popular sizes for options: 440mmx250mm, 240x880mm, 220mmx500mm, 220mmx580mm, 250mmx850mm,  600x900mm etc



1). Protects your bar and desktop.

2). Ideal for keeping your bar top from mess and keeping it dry.

3). High-quality catering and bar equipment, ideal for gift and promotion activity.

4). Spillages and condensation collect between the rubber prongs, Ideal for contemporary bars.

5). It is anti-slip to protect your beer cup from damage.

6). Collects liquids between rubber prongs shallow section at one end.



1). Beautiful, soft, durable, eco-friendly, anti-slip, and flexible rubber which is easy to clean.

2). Various styles, colors, and customized sizes and logos are available.

3). Suitable for gifts and promotional items.

4). All materials comply with SGS Standard.


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