Home Bar Shop Cocktail Custom Rubber Beer Bar Runner Beer Drinking Mat Printed Fabric Bar Mat Personalised Bar Runner

1. Unique & exclusive

2. Easy to personalize

3. Great for home bars

4. Colorful high resolution printing


Home Bar Shop Cocktail Party Custom Rubber Beer Bar Runner Beer Drinking Mat Printed Fabric Bar Mat Personalised Bar Runner


  • Easily personalise by clicking ‘customise now’ and enter your text spelt exactly as you would like this to appear on the personalised bar runner.
  • Absorbent to soak up spillages and ensure slip free bar surfaces whilst visually improving counter tops.
  • Digitally Printed to achieve a vibrant eye catching result.
  • Any sizes are avilable, popular sizes: 440mmx250mm, 240x880mm, 220mmx500mm, 220mmx580mm, 250mmx850mm,  600x900mm etc
  • High quality non-slip rubber nitrile base topped with polyester surface with border, machine washable at 40 degrees.


For more information please feel free to email: sales@logomat-lettosigns.com


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