China Motocross Racing Motorcycle Paddock Carpet Custom Workshop Garage Floor Mat Ducati Environment Mat

£79.00 £69.00

1. FIM-compliant

2. Particularly absorbent

3. High-quality, durable and stylish color

4. Total thickness 5mm, washable up to 30°C


China Supplier Motocross Motorcycle Racing Paddock Carpet Workshop Garage Floor Mat Ducati Environment Mat

The custom bike pit mats are specially designed from anti-slip materials with a rubberized underside to prevent sliding on hard surfaces. These mats are engineered with anti UV protection and woven, multi-layered materials to absorb spilled oil or gasoline and preserve the surrounding environment. Lightweight and easy to clean. Dimensions: 31.5” w x 78.75” h.

Product features Offers:

  • Polyamide top on rubber back
  • Better working condition for mechanics (soft material by woking around motorbike and by repairing no need to have knee pad)
  • Protect the floor against damages in case of falling tools, sliding of motorbike stand and etc.
  • Prevents spills of liquids (oil, water, and gasoline) due to extreme absorption
  • The motorcycle garage pit mat is washable
  • Motorcycle garage pit mat is oil and gasoline resistant
  • When servicing motorcycles, the motorcycle garage pit mat is FIM-compliant, a must-have box in MX and enduro racing

Pit mats are now required at many racing events
The special material mix prevents fuel spills from seeping into the ground
Also helps in finding fallen tools, bolts, and other small loose parts when servicing outdoors


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