Motorcycle Spare Parts Heavy Duty Rubber Carpet Rug Oxford Motorcycle Paddock Workshop Garage Mat

£109.00 £99.00

1. Large size mat – 240cm X 103cm

2. Durable nylon fiber mat with non-slip backing

3. Oil and water-resistant construction

4. Suitable for Mx/Enduro racing, exhibition/trade show etc


Motorcycle Spare Parts Custom Heavy Duty Rubber Carpet Rug Oxford Motorcycle Paddock Garage Mats Workshop Mat


The Oxford Racing Team Mat is bigger, heavier, more absorbent, and crucially constructed to meet FIM regulations.

  • Captures oil and water spillages
  • Crucially constructed to meet FIM regulations
  • Nitrile Backing prevents oil from contaminating the immediate environment
  • 5mm Nylon deep pile carpet with anti-trip edging

The Oxford Racing Team Mat has a 5mm Nylon deep pile carpet with anti-trip edging. There is nitrile rubber backing which prevents oil and other fluids from contaminating the immediate environment. This means you can officially use it at a race track or just in your dream garage at home.

Dimensions – 240cm X 103cm


FIM Approved

Pit mats are now required at many racing events.

Ideal for the circuit or the garage or the salon.

The special material mix prevents fuel spills from seeping into the ground.

Also helps in finding fallen tools, bolts, and other small loose parts when servicing outdoors.


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