China Factory Custom Logo Printed MX Racing Mat Environment Mat Motorsports Motorcycle Workshop Garage Mat

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Meeting FFM / FIM / AMA environmental requirements
Being oil, gas & chemical-resistant
Absorbent fiber and anti-slip rubberized backing


China Factory Custom Logo Printed Motorsports Mx Environment Mat Motorcycle Workshop Mat

  • The custom bike pit mats are specially designed from anti-slip materials with a rubberized underside to prevent sliding on hard surfaces.
  • These mats are engineered with anti UV protection and woven, multi-layered materials to absorb spilled oil or gasoline and preserve the surrounding environment.
  • Lightweight and easy to clean.
  • Dimensions: 31.5” w x 78.75” h.
  • The mats are designed to not only to dress up your pit area or shop floor but are also environmentally friendly. Look like the pros with the Custom Racing bike mat.
  • The bike mats can absorb up to 6 liters of fluid-like radiator coolant, oil, and any other solvent-based products that can harm the environment by being contained within the mat or help absorb mud and water at the entrance to your store
  • Not only are they lightweight but can easily be washed and reused
  • Door mats really dress up the entrance to your shop or dealership along with helping to prevent wet and muddy floors for customers to slip on

Our Bike Mat features:

To meet the special FIM rules, here develop a new pit mat
Keep parts clean and out of the dirt, or if you drop a part it lands on a soft surface
Our pit mat meets all environmental rules regarding dirt and oils entering the ground
This mat will absorb any spills or drips from your bike while the rubber-coated under-layer will not allow the chemicals to soak into the ground
Roll it up for easy transport
Highly durable and simple to clean once the work is done, this excellent mat is a handy addition to any garage or workshop


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