Bar Accessories Tool Promotional Customized Sublimation Premium Home Pub Beer Mats Wine Bar Table Runner

  1. Protects your bar and desktop.
  2. Keeps your bar tops free from spills.
  3. Ideal for keeping your bar top from mess and keeping it dry.


Bar Accessories Tool Promotional Customized Sublimation Premium Home Pub Beer Mats Wine Bar Table Runner


This Custom bar mat holds your glassware in place to prevent spills. Even when glasses are wet, rubber bar mats ensure they stay put.

In commercial bars, this enticing European-style Bar mat makes a great advertisement and if a spill does occur, it’ll even protect your bar’s surface.



1: The material is rubber and non-woven fabric

2: The material is eco-friendly, harmless to the person

3: Product size is and color print as per your request

4: It can make your bar clean

5: It’s an absorbent bar mat.

6: It’s smooth and comfortable

7: It’s water-absorbent

8:You can wash it and reuse it

9:Your OEM order is welcome

10:We have passed SGS test report


Popular sizes: 440mmx250mm, 240x880mm, 220mmx500mm, 220mmx580mm, 250mmx850mm,  600x900mm etc


For more information please feel free to email:


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