List of Racing Go Karts Manufacturers Suppliers and Brands

List of Racing Go Karts Manufacturers Suppliers and Brands

go-kart, also written as go-cart (often referred to as simply a kart), is a type of sports car, open-wheel car or quadracycle. Go-karts come in all shapes and forms, from non-motorised models to high-performance racing karts.

Go-carting, or simply “karting,” is both a popular amusement park activity as well as a lead-in to automotive racing, in addition to being a competitive adult activity in its own right. Done on both indoor and outdoor tracks, with both electric and gas-powered vehicles, the sport has even spawned variants such as dirt track racing. It developed both in America and Europe in the 1950s and ‘60s and today is popular in many regions of the world.

Racing is segregated by engine type in addition to age group and skill level. For this reason, many kart manufacturers sell complete chassis sans engines and wear items (tires). Manufacturers of go-carts for amusement concessioners will often provide entire assemblies, usually with a choice of powerplants. Although not listed here, there are a number of manufacturers that make engines that are used in karting. Among them, Briggs & Stratton, Honda, Rotax, DuroMax, and Titan are some of the prevalent names on the racing scene.

Many kart manufacturers participate in the competitive aspects of racing, with representation in many of the events and contests that take place at the local and regional levels. Hobby racing is also encouraged for folks just looking to have a little fun.

Through the establishment of international sanctioning bodies such as the CIK-FIA, racing standards have been set and go-kart manufacturers have constantly aimed to push the boundaries of go-kart racing. From new and improved frames to innovative aerodynamic features and safer design, the motorsport of go-karting has steadily evolved.

In today’s day and age, there are a multitude of kart manufacturers located across the globe – each having their own heritage and bringing something unique to the table. Let’s further explore the ultimate list of the best go-kart manufacturers and brands. Please note that the go-kart brands in this list are ordered alphabetically, not according to rank.

1. Tony Kart

Tony Kart is an Italian company (a brand of OTK Kart Group), that produces racing kart chassis. It was founded in 1958 by Antonio “Tony” Bosio. It is based in Prevalle near Brescia in northern Italy.

Tony Kart chassis have been used to win several races and championships both nationally and internationally. Its drivers have included Formula One stars such as Michael Schumacher and Jarno Trulli. Tony Kart’s product lines include the Kosmic Kart chassis as well as Exprit, RedSpeed, Trulli (few years ago). Vortex Engines company is part of the OTK Kart Group line products.

Tony Kart won the 1998, 2000, 2004 2006 and 2021 karting World Championships with driver Davide Fore as well as the 2007 and 2008 titles with Marco Ardigò. They also won the world title in 2012 with Flavio Camponeschi, in 2020 with Callum Bradshaw, and most recently in 2021 with Tuukka Taponen.

2. Margay Racing

The American kart manufacturer Margay Racing was originally named ‘Mar-Kart’ when it was founded in 1964. This company made a quick-change gearbox for karts and was the main reason for the company’s fame at the start. When Mar-Kart turned into Margay, the first kart, New Breed, was created by the company. After this, Margay Racing started its ever-improving production of karts and engines, taking it to the heights of fame it is now known for.

Today, Margay Racing produces a number of performance karts. One of the most popular models by the company is the Margay Racing X2. The construction is of 32mm and 28mm tubes with adjustable elements like the caster, and the ride height at the front and rear. Coming in either black or red, the X2 not only performs great on racetracks but also looks the part. Both of these variants look aggressive on the track and deliver world-class performance.

Based in Saint Louis, MO, Margay Racing is the most successful sprint kart manufacturer in the United States, supporting drivers in all divisions of karting and producing winning karts for countless local, regional, and national champions.  Now in its 51st year, Margay is owned by third-generation family member, Keith Freber.  For more information about Margay, please see

3. Top Kart USA

Headquartered out of Indianapolis, IN just minutes away from the world renowned Indianapolis Motor Speedway where some of the largest motorsports racing events in North America are held. Racing is our absolute passion and runs thick through our blood. Given our location and background we have been in the gokart business for over 40 years. With our combined experience over 80 years of knowledge. At Top Kart USA we provide everything readily available to get you started in gokart racing. Whether you are just starting out racing local events, regional, or ready to go head to head with the top drivers in the Nation or even the world we have the equipment and expertise to provide you the results you want to achieve.

The karts created by Top Kart USA are great in terms of performance – we’ve already established that much – but they look absolutely stunning too. The main colors used in the design are white and blue, which is a great balance between sheer sportiness and subtle elegance. And with some yellow and gold accents here and there, these karts are sure to look stunning on any racetrack. All in all, a great American go-kart brand.

4. Birel ART

Birel ART is an Italian go-kart manufacturer founded in 1958 that is a result of a merger between two entities, Birel and ART Grand Prix. Birel has existed since the late 1950s when the founder, Umberto Sala, started making karts just for fun. During the 70s and 80s, Birel’s renowned chassis, the Targa, was created. Between 1990 and 2000, the company won a massive six championships, marking its name in history books.

Birel ART manufactures both racing karts and gas and electric go-carts for concessioners. The company builds several performance kart lines branded with the names of racing drivers. The rental line includes a handful of styles with several engine options.

5. CRG Kart

CRG, is a world leading company in the production and marketing of chassis and spare parts for karts; it was founded in 1986 building up on the experience of its promoting partners in the company Kalì-Kart dating back to the 70s. The latter started up as a small chassis manufacturing company providing products for racing enthusiasts but within a few years it became a nationally recognized reality obtaining its first Italian title in class 125cc in 1979 which was later on followed by several international wins too.
CRG has been and still is a real champions breeding ground: this is witnessed by the high number of drivers that, thanks to their special skills went all the way up to Formula 1. Some names that have been racing with CRG colors are: Michaël Schumacher, Alessandro Zanardi, Ralf Schumacher, Giancarlo Fisichella, Nick Heidfeld, Jan Magnussen, Jos Verstappen, Giorgio Pantano, Tonio Liuzzi, Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen, Robert Kubica, Sébastien Buemi, Nico Hulkenberg, Pastor Maldonado, Giedo Van der Garde and many more motor-racing champions.
CRG’s commitment towards technical and quality product improvement is constant over time as confirmed by the drivers that year after year bring the company on top of the championships all around the world. The passion is always the same… evolution keeps up!

6. Exprit Kart

Exprit kart is a kart chassis manufacturer based out of Italy. They are produced by the Tony Kart factory and share the Tony Kart frames layouts as well as OTK (Original Tony Kart) components. Exprit kart chassis can be found in many of the international races and championships such as the CIK Karting World Championship, Rotax Max Challenge, and Vortex ROK cup. Thanks to their technical qualities and performance, the Exprit chassis contributed to the success of the CIK-FIA Academy Trophy. Improving the quality of high-level products is a real challenge, pursued by OTK’s Research and Development department. This work has enriched the already formidable models we are presenting today with a new captivating graphic design seen in the Exprit chassis.

7. Intrepid Kart

As a company involved with the production of spare parts for some of the leading SKM karts, Intrepid has a long history going back all the way to 1992. Intrepid’s own karts, however, went into production in 2003 and quickly went to the top in many competitions, both in the company’s homeland of Italy and abroad. Since then, the company has focused on continuous technological developments, in order to create some of the most well-respected go-karts in the world.

Intrepid karts don’t only perform well – they also look great. They have a yellow-orange-black theme that is noticeable on the front, along with an image of an eye, which gives it a very aggressive and competitive look. So, if you’re into go-karts that perform and look great, Intrepid may be the right brand for you.

8. J3 Competition

J3 Competition has over 17 years of winning experience in America across all major organizations, championships and categories.  From major cadet championships alongside junior championships as well as single speed senior categories and premier shifter titles.  The team’s efforts since its inception in 2004 have been second to no other brand, thus galvanizing the company  as a continental and world leader in the sport of karting.

Through the years, J3 has leveraged its founder’s knowledge and expertise ranging from driver management, engine tuning and business expertise to offer its clientele the best in material and service offerings.  At the onset of the brands competitive existence in 2005 the team took multiple prestigious wins and titles setting the stage for has been a remarkable record-breaking and industry changing tenure both on and off the race track.

With product evolution and the relentless attention to detail, J3 began its further developments within the product creation sector of karting approximately starting in 2008 .  The brain-trust furthered its movement in 2014 with the decision to design and homologate its own chassis line — COMPKART [‘Comp / ‘etition’/ – Kart].  With the birth of COMPKART, the team at J3 enjoys renowned titles on four continents (N. America, S. America, Europe, and Australia) alongside its dedicated partners who utilize arguably the worlds best all-around performing racing kart line, there is no end to the bright future of the company. In 2018 the team took on the distribution of the BRP-Rotax product line suite for the United States in an effort to stabilize and grow the foundation of the sport with high performing and cost-effective products.

9. Kosmic Kart

Kosmic Kart is a kart chassis brand being part of OTK Kart Group based in Italy. Kosmic Kart chassis are produced by the Tony Kart factory and share the Tony Kart frames layouts as well as OTK (Original Tony Kart) components. The brand is officially represented internationally by its own factory karting team – Kosmic Racing Department managed by the OneAim SARL company in Luxembourg. Currently (2021) team has 8 drivers in 2 FIA international direct drive categories – OK and OKJ. The team can be seen on many international events, such as FIA Karting Championships and WSK Series

Kosmic kart chassis can be found in many of the international races and championships such as the FIA Karting World Championship, Rotax Max Challenge, and Vortex ROK cup.

10. Kubica Racing Kart

Birel ART launched a new special line in association with one of the most impressive F1 drivers: Robert Kubica.

Kubica Racing Kart is a line of go-karts which covers the whole range of categories, from Mini-kart, to Rotax and the CIK-FIA classes (OKJ, OK, KZ)

Kubica Racing Kart aims to support and create new champions in the sport by providing the best possible technologies and innovations packaged in high-quality karts. Kubica Karts come in a really sporty and cool orange-and-black color theme and use a lot of the expertise that the karting giant Birel ART has to offer.

11. Mach1 Kart

Mach 1 Kart is a German manufacturer of racing and rental karts with models available that are sized down for the youngest participants to full-size, high-performance vehicles for racing pros. The company offers a complete line of racing equipment ranging from apparel to chassis parts.

With 40 years of experience in karting they have grown to become one of the well known manufacturers of karts. Their teams have been winners in many different championships whether as beginners or as top drivers racing at the highest levels.

Mach1 Kart – Kartsport made in Germany!

12. OTL Kart

OTL is a kart manufacturing company that has been building electric go-karts since 1996. OTL has been manufacturing only 100% electric karts for over 20 years. Each kart is carefully designed, engineered and manufactured with the latest technologies for the rental and racing business. This dedication to the production of technologically innovative karts has made OTL one of the well-respected kart manufacturers from Italy.

For all of its racing and rental models, the company puts a lot of focus on quality control. The manufacturing plant is able to handle very large numbers at a time to cater to the needs of the many customers who trust in OTL as the brand of choice for electric karts, both for fun and for competitive use.

13. Praga Kart

Praga is a manufacturing company based in Prague, Czech Republic. The company produced automobiles, karts and planes. The Praga V3S 5-ton truck was used by the Czechoslovak Army for more than half a century.

Years of experience with racing karts got us some real speed. Our racing programme goes all the way from go-kart racing school and junior racing to some of the top karting championships. With our competition karts, your own team can shine as well. Recently, we also added a line of rental go-karts which allow kart centres to offer true racing experience rather than just ordinary bumper karts. Kart with Praga, kart with the best!


Sodikart are the leading and largest manufacturer and supplier of rental karts in the World today. (They are so big that they even have there very own Arrive and Drive World Racing Series, the Sodi World Series, which you can enter by driving these unique karts at Lakeside Karting!) Present on the 5 continents and 83 countries, Sodikart is now a key player in the karting market offering a unique range of products and services
The 390cc SR5 model, shown here, is designed for outdoor racing at speeds up to 70mph. With fast acceleration and limpet like handling you will not experience this type of racing anywhere else.  Features such as the fully adjustable pedals and slide adjusted seat ensure comfort, enhancing your racing experience.

15. The Orange Kart

The Orange Kart, or OK1 Racing, is a company based in Verona, Italy. For 15 years, OK1 has created karts that have been ready to compete in races all around the world. Today, OK1 Racing competes in all the different categories of professional karting.

iPKarting has released this new “Orange Kart”, OK1. Basically, OK1 is a re-branded Intrepid and, from a technical perspective, is identical to the highly successful orange machines. Other than the decoration, such as the sticker kit, the OK1 has all the perfomance and quality of the Intrepid.

IPKarting S.r.l., the manufacturer of IPK Racing Products, launched the 2013 product line at a dealer conference in Verona, Italy, earlier this month.

The company unveiled the new range of “orange karts”, OK1 – with a striking new sticker kit by Lucky Design, to complement their Praga and IPK products. 2012 saw the establishment of Praga as a kart force on the world stage, winning a World Title along the way.

16. TAOTAO Go Karts

Tao Motor is a well-known brand in the domestic and overseas markets, with a reputation for producing quality vehicles at family-affordable prices. Our parent company, Taotao Vehicles Company, LTD, was has been manufacturing motorsports and other products in Jinyun County, Zhejiang Province of China since 1985. Our new 200,000+ square foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant employs 2,000 employees, including our in-house advanced R&D and engineering teams.

Tao Motor has become the premier Chinese motorsports vehicle manufacturer and distributor in the world. Our goal is to allow families to enjoy the open road, trails, track, or back yard on quality, affordable motorsports products. Tao Motor’s main products consist of ATVs, dirt bikes, go-karts, scooters, and electrical vehicles.

17. BMS Go Karts

BMS Motorsports Inc. is proud to offer high quality Off-road vehicles and Scooters at competitive pricing. Our company offers the elite line of products in this industry of off-brand Chinese products.

All product components and manufacturing procedures are selected from the highest grade components such as, adjustable shocks, front air reservoir damper shocks, and clean welds, stronger lasting batteries, in comparison to other Chinese importers.

18. TrailMaster Go Karts

At  BV  POWERSPORTS  LLC, they strive to provide the Best Value powersports products to our customers. Their mission is to provide you the best products with the best service before, during and after the sale.

They carefully select every model we carry, Since they have so much experience in this industry, they only carry products with the best combination of quality, feature, perfor-mance, design and price.

19. CKR Go Karts

CKR is an Italian company which has been exceptionally active for several years in the world of karting.

CKR was born in early 2000, at first as an official racing #team and division of a famous #karting company, and from 2005 also as a chassis builder.

20. OKT Kart

OTK Kart Group, an Italian-manufactured leader in the karting industry. The brand was born in the 60s and has developed in line with the spirited discipline of competition karting within Italy first, and then throughout the world. The largest of Tony Kart’s breakthroughs came in the 80s when, with their newly acquired property, the transition was made from what was a small craft business in to a real manufacturing company built for the karting world. This was visually symbolized by the introduction of the green color to the chassis which still characterizes the Tony Kart brand today, born over the years to become a key signature for the victories achieved and for the quality offered.

21. Vemme Kart

Created in 2006, Vemme Kart is based on the principles of high technology and quality. The careful choice of materials guarantees the highest standards of construction and constant quality that results in high levels of performance and safety. With a clear vision, modern design and a streamlined organization, Vemme Kart is dedicated to the development of their chassis line to assure their customers can obtain the highest levels of achievement.

22. Wildkart

Wildkart is a reality which was born from Metalfil, an Italian company which worked in precision engineering in aeronautics since 1996.
After working for several years as subcontractors and after accumulating experience in the most sensitive areas of mechanics, we realized that we could put our know-how to the services of Kart’s world, which was far from the production’s and construction’s systems of the actual Automotive.

23. Lotus Racing Kart

Group Lotus is determined to discover new talent with an official entry into the world of karting.

With the move into karting, Group Lotus becomes the first car manufacturer to have a presence at the entry level of motorsport and provides a very special opportunity for early talent spotting. Some of today’s most famous and successful motorsport personalities cut their teeth in karting  the newly crowned FIA F1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel is the perfect example of the benefits of early driver development as are his peers, fellow former World Champions Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton.

The production of karts and components is licensed by Group Lotus to Wildkart, specialists in aeronautics precision engineering since 1996 and manufacturer of karts since 2002. Today, Wildkart is regarded as an authority in kart chassis and components, providing services and solutions to many karting suppliers and brands. The fit with Group Lotus is enhanced by the mutual commitment to innovation, technology and development.

24. DR Racing Kart

DR Racing Kart, founded in 2008, produces its own line of chassis, accessories and merchandise which it commercializes through its network of global sales. The production, assembly and commercial activities are located on an area of 1000 square meters which include offices and stockage. The whole structure is in Arce, Province of Frosinone, in the Latium Region.

25. TB Karts

TBKART is an Italian manufacturer of go-karts. Our products range from rental karts to racing karts.

Thanks to the innovative details with which the frames are equipped and the professionalism of its technicians, in a short time the TBKART brand established itself at the top of National and International competitions obtaining numerous prestigious results.

TBKART S.r.l. is a dynamic and young company that places scrupulous care and attention to details in each production phase. The young drivers of the TBKART racing division currently compete in multiple national and international championships

26. Energy Corse Kart

Energy Corse, a company of great respect in the kart world, was founded in 1997, out of its foundation members’ passion and skill.

The company took part in many national and international championships, thus providing for the development of its own chassis and accessories.

In 2002, it started taking its own revenge reaching its height with the 125 ICC European championship and the 125cc French championship in 2004.

Years of great development and satisfaction followed, to such an extent that the company decided to invest its own resources by enlarging the production department and the race division.

27. ItalKart

2022 marks Italkart’s 27th year of chassis construction. Michael and Claudio Valiante began their journey while racing the highly competitive ELF Fuel Constructors Series with drivers like Phillip Giebler, Danica Patrick, Giacomelli Brothers, Patrick Long, Julianna Chiovetti and many more. Claudia Carpentier (Valiante) debuted the chassis in this series and the family soon discovered the benefits of tuning, testing and developing your own chassis brand on your own soil. The Italkart brand took off in the Northwest and California, making its way to the top of the podium in numerous club, regional and national levels.

Italkarts evolution continues with their persistent search for improvement and enhancement of quality and driver experience. Italkarts main testing track is perfectly located in Washington state, which offers year round testing in various weather conditions.

Each Italkart frame is constructed with the finest chrome-moly and robotically welded. Each chassis is checked for trueness and meets the highest standards before heading to the assembly line. Unlike other manufacturers, Italkart produces, competes and offers the same chassis they race.

28. K&K Kart

K&K Karts Canadian designed by Kevin Barrick made in Italy with affordability & quality delievers Our new evolution of kart championships/proven results

29. PMC Kart

In addition to precision machining and fabricating, Performance Manufacturing Corp. has developed its own line of go kart parts and their own kart chassis. Pursuing their interest in the sport, partners Jody Herriven & Tim Werth designed and produced their first karting components within the company’s first year. This product line, which includes the Slack Chassis, has grown to thousands of parts & products over the years- they have developed into an industry leader as the largest supplier of racing go kart parts in the United States. They also routinely assist their customers with design and development of specific products for their individual needs.

30. Slack Kart 

America’s leading manufacturer of karting components. The Slack Pursuit Racing chassis from Slack Karts is a state of the art winning chassis that is available in a Sit-up Sprint version as well as a Champ kart.

At Slack, they are committed to building the best chassis, designed for all racers whether they are experienced or just getting started.

40. Phantom Kart

Phantom Racing Chassis is one of the leading manufacturers of oval karting chassis in the world.

At PRC, they focus is on designing, building, and supporting high performance racing karts for the US and beyond. They are well known for their advanced in-house technology such as solid modeling, CAD/CAM design, CNC tube forming, and robotic welding. Their manufacturing process have been tested and developed since 1989, which establishes PRC as one of the longest standing chassis manufacturers in the US.

41. Ricciardo Kart

s much as any living creature on Earth has its very own DNA, any racing team has its own,  being the result of the mixture of its history, its people, the defeats it faced and the successes it enjoyed…

Birel ART is the result of the evolution of the DNA of two historical companies in the motorsport world: Birel and ART Grand Prix.

Ricciardo Kart is the latest kart to hit the market in 2015.

Newly formed Birel ART has partnered with Red Bull Racing Formula 1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo to launch a new exciting brand into the world of Karting with the introduction of the Ricciardo Kart.

Not only is it a winning name, Daniel has had his personal and professional touch in the design and production of the new brand to the market and is very excited about his new venture.

42. LH Kart

CRG is one of the most prestigious and important companies in the world of karting. Its history is full of International wins and its products feature top end quality that is well appreciated by thousands of customers all over the world. The production site and the headquarters of the company are located in Lonato del Garda (Brescia, Italy) in a technology center of over 10.000 square meters where chassis, racing accessories and promotional and rental karts are produced. The high-tech research and development center and the racing department are the pride and joy of the company and grant the transfer of the know-how built in karting races to the production. Some of the greatest motorsport champions have been competing for CRG colors in karting. CRG was founded in 1986 as the evolution of Kalì Kart and it strengthened its structure both from the commercial and sporting standpoints, reaching the top of the market in more than 30 years of activity. CRG’s efforts and vision have always been focused to the future, thanks its capability of analyzing the market needs and developing innovative projects and products inspired to high quality and effective customer service.



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