What’s Motorcycle Mat / Motorcycle Carpet?

1. Why do we need the motorcycle mat/pit mat/race mat/motorcycle carpet?

According to the FIM Europe Enduro rules/AAEEC MX rules/MSA National Enduro SSRs rules/ FIME and AA rules etc, the use of an environment mat, or other effective devices, is obligatory to be used where servicing of machines is permitted by the organizer. The penalty for breach of this regulation will be a fine of € 70,– for each offense.
The minimum dimensions of the mat will be at least equal to the wheelbase of the motorcycle and of the width of the handlebars. This mat will be composed of a waterproof sole and of an absorbent textile.

At the time of technical assistance, due to compliance with the minimal eco-standards, the use of a protective mat under the motorcycle is mandatory.

Environmental requirements on and around race tracks are becoming more and more strict, and spilled oil or other vehicle fluids represent major soil and water pollutants. Many race organizations (motocross, drag racing, supermoto etc.) now introduced environmental mats to their official requirements and regulations, so it’s better for you to design your own mat, which will be a great way to promote your brands and business.

2. What’s the dimension of the mat you need?

Refer to the FIM International Enduro Regulations, the minimum dimensions of the mat will be at least equal to the wheelbase of the motorcycle and of the width of the handlebars. This mat will be composed of a waterproof sole and of an absorbent textile.

For motorcycle, dirtbike and streetbike etc, the popular sizes of the mat are 80x180cm, 80x190cm, 100x160cm, 100x200cm, 100x220cm, 90x183cm(3’x6′), 90x244cm(3’x8′) etc.

For snowmobile, ATV, UTV water motorcycle etc, normal size: 140x200cm, 190x240cm or custom.

3. What’s the motorcycle mat/pit mat/race mat/motorcycle carpet? And how do they use?

A motorcycle mat/pit mat/race mat/motorcycle carpet is underneath of motorcycle in order to protect the ground from dropping liquids (oil, chain spray, fuel etc.).

The mat functions as protective work-mats both indoors and outdoors, preventing fuel and lubricant spills on the floor when carrying out maintenance and repairs.

Can be used for decoration and display purposes in home garages and dealer showrooms.

Helps in finding fallen tools, bolts, and other small loose parts when servicing outdoors.

4. What’s the function of the motorcycle mat/pit mat/race mat/motorcycle carpet?

Here the specs listed as below for your reference:

  • Printed with your logo and brand
  • Liquid-proof mat made of robust vinyl rubber
  • Particularly absorbent – easily absorbs more than 1-3 litre of liquid (oil, petrol, assembly paste, etc.)
  • Can be used as an environmental mat for motor racing
  • High-quality, durable, and stylish color print on polyester yarn
  • Total thickness 5mm, washable up to 30°C
  • The special material mix prevents spilled fuel from seeping into the ground.
  • Ideal as a gift to increase your motorcycle sales amount.
  • For resell as an environmental mat for motor racing.
  • Used for your sponsored teams.
  • Used for decoration and display purposes in home garages and dealer showrooms.

5. How do you place the order from us?

  1. Just send us your logo and tell us your requirement, then we can make the design for your approval, it’s FREE.
  2. Tell us your required size and quantity, then we can send you a quote.
  3. Confirm the design and cost, then make the payment.
  4. We will take photos for your information before sending out the mats to you.

6. What’s the lead time for production?

Usually, for orders around 1-20pcs, the lead time is around 15days after designs confirmed and payment received.

For orders around 21-100pcs, the lead time is around 20-30days after designs confirmed and payment received.

For orders above 101pcs, the lead time is around 31-35days after designs confirmed and payment received.

7. How to contact us?

For more details, pls contact as below:

Letto Signs Co., Ltd

Cell phone: +86-15889502680

WeChat: 008615889502680

Whatsapp: 008615889502680

Email: sales@logomat-lettosigns.com


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