Client Gift Professional Darts Equipment Dart Board Floor Mat With Heavy Duty Rubber Backing

1. Protect your darts

2. Slip-resistant backing

3. For Bar and Home

4. Easy to clean, washable and durable


Client Gift Professional Darts Equipment Dart Board Floor Mat With Heavy Duty Rubber Backing

They Are Compact

If your dartboard is in a shared living space, it can be rolled up and tucked away when not in use. Because they are thin and only a few feet wide, they can be stored almost anywhere.  When you are ready to play, it only takes seconds to unroll and get set up.

Dart Mat – Custom Logo Carpet Dart Mat. Quality carpet dart mat with rubber underlay. Official tournament specification oche measurements. Versatile, lightweight, easy to roll up and store away. Stylish modern design.

Floor Protection

Before you dismiss the idea of getting one, take a moment to consider how much money you invested in your floor. You wouldn’t want to destroy it by letting dart tips gouge right into it, now, would you?

A dartboard floor mat is not infallible, but it will be your first line of defense, and one of the surest ways to keep your play area in pristine condition.

They don’t call it dartboard floor protection for nothing, you know?


This is one heavy-duty darts mat that is made to last.

It weighs an impressive 19.84 pounds (or 9 kg).

What this means is that it is not only very thick, but it will also stay in place. A problem that a lot of the other lighter darts mats may have is that they will keep sliding when you walk over them.

It has the two official darts throw lines clearly marked so you will not have to worry about where you should be standing while playing.

It is 9′ 9″ long and 2′ wide.

It can be placed on all floor types, and when you don’t need it, all you have to do is roll it up and get it back in the box.

Overall this is one very tough darts mat that also rocks a pretty nice design. No complaints here.


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