Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Demonstration Branded Printed Nylon Rubber Floor Mat With Logo For Retail Store

Vacuum cleaner floor mat is popular used for shampooers demonstration, events floor mat, retail shop door mat, tradeshow floor mat etc. Letto Signs floor mat is is made of 100% polyamide surface with anti-slip waterproof rubber backing. The fiber is with fire resistance 4 grade and oil resistance. The backing is with strong rubber backing provides maximum durability, which suitable for medium to high traffic area. All the sizes and designs are customized, we have no limitation for the colors, you can choose any colour you want.



Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Demonstration Branded Printed Nylon Rubber Floor Mat With Logo For Retail Store


● Surface: 100% twisted nylon 450gsm, 600gsm, 720gsm, 950gsm(3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm)

● Backing: 2000gsm rubber

● State-of-the-art High Definition digital printing

● Overall mat thickness: 1/5″, 1/4’’, 1/3’’

● Oil resistance fiber, fire resistace grade 4

● Non-slip waterproof rubber backing

● Strong rubber backing provides maximum durability

● Suitable for medium to high traffic area

● Usage: retail store, tradeshow, events etc

● Suitable for indoor and outdoor

● Colors: any colors are avilable, each design accept total 12 colors maximum

● Custom shapes and sizes available

● 3 years guarantee


For more information please feel free to email: sales@logomat-lettosigns.com

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