Christmas Gifts Enduro MX Racing Workshop Rubber Outdoor Parking Mat Motocross Pit Mat Buell Motorcycle Floor Mat

£89.00 £79.00

1. FIM-compliant

2. Particularly absorbent

3. High-quality, durable and stylish color

4. Oil and water-resistant construction


Christmas Gifts Enduro MX Racing Workshop Rubber Outdoor Parking Mat Motocross Pit Mat Buell Motorcycle Floor Mat


  • The Custom Motorcycle Garage Mat makes a perfect addition to any garage or showroom, perfect for parking your bike on or for extra comfort when working on the floor.
    • Exclusive design – officially licensed product
    • Large size mat – 190cm x 80cm
    • Durable nylon fiber mat top with non-slip backing
    • Oil and water-resistant construction

    The Custom Motorcycle Garage Mat compliments the machine and displays the bike in all its glory, while the oil and water-resistant non-slip backing provide a reassuring grip for treacherous showroom or garage floors.

    Each mat is constructed with a nylon-fiber top section which is oil and water-resistant. The backing is non-slip and prevents lubricants from seeping through.

    This mat fully complies with FIM regulations for environmental mats fluid absorption, is suitable for use at tracks and circuits, and is hand-washable.


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