China Gasoline Resistant FIM Approved Motocross Motorcycle Racing Rubber Pit Mat Custom Dirt Bike Garage Floor Mat

£89.00 £79.00

– TÜV-approved
– Meets the requirements set by FIM and SVEMO
– Washable at 30 degrees
– Long durability
– Extremely durable
– High absorbency
– Binder dust
– Protects against slipperiness


China Gasoline Resistant Fim Approved Motorcycle Racing Rubber Pit Mat Dirt Bike Garage Mat

  • Meeting FFM / FIM / AMA environmental requirements
  • Being oil, gas & chemical-resistant
  • Absorbent fiber and anti-slip rubberized backing
  • Dimensions: 3’x8′
  • Pit mats are now required at many racing events
  • The special material mix prevents fuel spills from seeping into the ground
  • Also helps in finding fallen tools, bolts, and other small loose parts when servicing outdoors


An indispensable ally of any pilot, to practice mechanics at home or in the field during a training or a race. The paddock mat will be there to prevent you from dirtying the place where you will carry out the maintenance of your motorcycle. The environmental mat is made of polyamide on one part and black non-slip vinyl rubber on the other, this will not slip and be able to absorb any liquid that would fall on the mat. This environmental mat is homologated by the FFM and the FIM, since it absorbs 1L of liquid without letting it pass through. The environmental paddock mat can also be used for any other purpose, the entrance to your home, under a desk or elsewhere, let your imagination run wild!


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