Anniversary Gifts Best Indoor Golf Hitting Mat And Outdoor Putting Green Golf Mat Training Aid With Personalized Logo

1. Indoor golf putting green

2. Alignment & distance control

3. Durable rubber backing

4. Great gift for the golf lover


Anniversary Gifts Best Indoor Golf Hitting Mat And Outdoor Putting Green Golf Mat Training Aid With Personalized Logo


  • PERFECT PUTTING TRAINING MAT: Are you new to the sport or willing to improve your putting skills? This Wellputt putting training mat is made for you! Practice putting indoors or outdoors from the comfort of your home! The premium quality of its fibers and the durable latex backing improves the ball roll at a constant speed and allow the mat to lie smooth and flat. Black color, UV resistant, easy to clean and to store. Ideal for small spaces!
  • ALL THE BASICS OF THE LETTOSIGNS TRAINING CONCEPT: The essence of the Wellputt Mat concept resides in the way we think about putting. A good putt is the result of correct aim and speed control. The Wellputt First golf practice mat is conceived to allow players to putt in both directions – you will improve your accuracy in one direction and ensure proper ball speed in the other direction. For the first time you will make your ball roll over the hole and have it stop in the “Good Zone”!
  • A GOLF TRAINING MAT WITH MULTIPLE VISUAL AIDS: Our First putting green mat features multiple visual aids to help you improve your body and putter head alignment, your stroke amplitude, and your eye positioning. The golf alignment aids on the mat make it effortless to line up your putt, the stroke amplitude guides allow you to practice distance control. 2 speeds according to the play direction (stimp speed 10 and 11.5ft). The perfect putt starts here!
  • 10 PRACTICE EXERCISES TO LOWER YOUR SCORES: Our packaging and Wellputt app (iOS and Android) include a Training mode (3 balls to succeed) and a Performance mode (1 ball to succeed). Enjoy our putting performance training to improve your skills with confidence, save your stats and challenge your friends!
  • LOWER YOUR SCORES AND BECOME A MASTER OF THE GAME WITH LETTOSIGNS: Become a master of putting with our patented indoor putting mats! Over the years, Wellputt has become a leader of golf training aids. Our training mats’ innovative design will help you adjust your position, alignment, touch, and speed control while having fun! They will also make perfect gifts for men and women willing to improve their putting skills!


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