20 Years China Oil Gas Resistant Custom Logo Motorcycle Garage Floor Mat Factory Racing Dirt Bike Pit Mat

£79.00 £69.00

Protects the soil and thus the environment, absorbs oil, water, dust etc.

Easy to clean Rubbery Bottom Anti-skid UV-resistant

This mat is already obligatory at many races.

The special material mix prevents spilt fuel from seeping into the ground.


20 Years China Gas Resistant Motorcycle Garage Floor Mat Factory Racing Dirt Bike Pit Mat

Already mandatory on many tracks, this mat complies with the official FIM regulations.

The facts:
Made from polyester, with rubberised back
Resistant to fuel and oil
Blue with white Husqvarna logo
Size: 100 x 170 cm

Pit mats are now required at many racing events
The special material mix prevents fuel spills from seeping into the ground
Also helps in finding fallen tools, bolts, and other small loose parts when servicing outdoors
Your Special design brings the total factory look to your service zone


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